The Guide To Reach Your Goals in 2021!

The Guide To Reach Your Goals in 2021!
 New year''s resolutions are all around us... Social media is flooded with family and friends who are starting "challenges" and it seems like everyone is on the journey to reach certain goals and dreams... If you too have a list of goals (especially health-related goals), and you actually want to REACH these aspirations, I invite you to read on and find some inspiration. Maybe, all you need to reach your new year's resolutions are in this blog! 

So, you've done the "dreaming" and listed all your wishes or goals that you want to achieve this year... How can you make these aspirations a reality? Follow these quick, easy, simple and practical tips to get there! You can thank me later... 


Write it in your calendar, agenda, journal, on social media... It doesn't matter where you write it, but make it known. If you told your spouse or friends about your goal (or if you just stick a note on the fridge) it will help you to keep going. It creates a feeling of accountability to reach it. It might be a good way to reinforce your goal or idea in your head and maybe it can also remind you of your goals or wishes.  You feel more responsible to achieve it, which is not a bad thing! Just make sure you're still doing it for yourself and to prove that perseverance to yourself! 


Set clear, achievable goals, when you want to reach them and other details. If you have clear goals, you will know when you're reaching them! But, it can be daunting staring at a HUGE DREAM - it may seem like a mountain ahead of you. But break the BIG GOAL up into achievable little chunks! If your aim is to run a half-marathon, set smaller goals along the way: Run 5km, run 10km, run for 2 hours, and so on! 
Bonus tip: Remember to celebrate the small achievements too!!!


Every month, or at least regularly, CHECK-IN! Plan your "follow-up" days to see how far you've come and if you're still on track. What was your goal? Did you want to be more active? Then track it and see how many days you were active. Keep an eye on yourself! 
This can guide you to see whether you're on your way to reaching your goal, or maybe you will notice you got a little side-tracked and might need to refocus your aims to achieve your ultimate new year's resolution. 


Have a dream board or vision board that displays where you want to go; why you want to go there and why you started. Depending on what your goal is, usually, the best way to get successful results is by sticking to a plan, consistently working on it, and persevering! 

Do not give up, keep showing up, and make the decision to WORK on your goals, every day! 

Whatever 2021 may bring, let's show up for ourselves and tick these items off! 

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