The Ultimate Guide to Midnight Snacks!

midnight snacks
Feeling a little snack-ish?

If you've ever wondered what you can snack on during a late-night - that won't ruin your night's rest, then this blog post is for YOU! When it comes to late-night snacking, the TIMING of food is important, but also the WHAT: What are you choosing to eat? Is it something that will send you on an ENERGY HIGH, or is it maybe something that will leave you with uncomfortable indigestion while you're trying to doze off? Choose wisely! 

So, although it's not ideal to eat late at night or close to bedtime, as it may cause issues for some people, I will still give you some healthy options. If we choose "better" snacks, we won't ruin our healthy habits! Oh, and I know, sometimes the snack-attack just won't let go! So, read on for some healthy midnight snack options!  

Before we get to the ideas, we also need to ask ourselves: "WHY are we feeling so snack-ish tonight?" 


  1. If you ate too little during the day or at dinner, it might leave you extra vulnerable to overeat or be hungry later in the day/night. Maybe your body is begging for some energy just to stay awake and active. So, rather choose to eat enough and a well-balanced diet all day long! 
  2. Evaluate if you are truly hungry and find the source of your hunger.  Take a few moments to figure it out... Often, we may convince our minds that we feel hunger, when we are actually under a lot of stress, or when we feel bored, or if we are emotional about something. Eating becomes a sort of an "escape" from reality instead of a FUEL SOURCE for our body. 
  3. You are just plain tired. If this is the case, just take a sip of water, put on your pajamas, and hit the hay! Your body will definitely thank you for it!


#1: Bananas 

Power packs of fiber, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and magnesium - All of which helps to calm the nervous system (basically, to help you relax) and get better quality sleep! It's naturally sweet if you're craving a sugary snack.

#2: Peanut butter on a Sliced Apple

Good source of tryptophan which can help you fall asleep quicker and sleep better! Tryptophan is used to produce melatonin - our "sleep hormone".

#3: Low Fat Yogurt 

It contains calcium and tryptophan to help your body wind down, calm your mind, relax, and improve your sleeping quality. 

#4: Berries 
Berries contain loads of antioxidants, which are always a good idea for general health! If you are craving a sweet treat, berries can also help to satisfy your sweet tooth! Maybe throw a small handful into some yogurt... Yummy! 

#5: Popcorn 

It contains good fiber to keep your tummy full, but not too bloated. You can sleep like a baby without unwanted digestive disturbances! If you are craving a salty snack, you can lightly sprinkle over some salt. 

#6: Nuts 
Magnesium plus good fats: That can help regulate serotonin-levels to help you fall asleep easier and enhance sleep quality. 

Keep your snack small... And remember to have a balanced intake of a variety of foods throughout the whole day.


  • High sugar foods like ice cream, sweets or other candies, desserts etc. The idea is to eat something that will not have you up until the early morning hours, but rather help you fall asleep easily. High sugar foods can cause your blood sugar to surge - thus giving you an unhealthy surge in energy.  
  • Caffeine... Obviously! It might just keep you wide awake... Plus caffeine may also have you running to the loo all night long as it is a diuretic. Talk about a disrupted night's sleep! 
  • Eating too much or drinking too much (water or other drinks - including alcohol!). Eating too much before lying down can leave some people with acid reflux and digestive problems... UNCOMFORTABLE yes! Think of stomach aches, bloating, heartburn just to name a few! Drinking too much water, well, the same goes as with the caffeine: You might end up spending more time on the toilet than in bed. 
  • Mindless eating. Do not fall into the big black hole of a party-pack bag of chips! Here we need to be especially cautious to not be hypnotized or distracted by the TV. That's a recipe to OVERINDULGE and OVEREAT! If you overeat, you might feel uncomfortable and harm your healthy habits! Don't do it! Throw your portion into a smaller bowl and pay attention while you're eating.
Make your late-night snacks healthier by using this Ultimate Guide to Midnight Snacks! By making a few tweaks here and there, you will not only stay on the healthy-track, but you will also improve your sleep quality - leaving you extra refreshed in the morning! 

In summary:
Eat better - Sleep Better! 

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