3 Tips to Start the Workout!

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To officially start at anything, must be the hardest part of doing any project. To start putting the brush in the paint and on the blank canvas. To get the wood and glue out and start building the bird feeder. To start exercising, is just the same. It is quite easy to convince yourself into some exercise program, but actually dressing in your workout gear, lacing up those running shoes and STARTING in the gym or wherever…. That is the challenging part.

Exercise is just as mental as it is a physical activity. The steps to getting out the door on the way to exercise - that is the mental part. Actually putting one foot ahead of the other - much more physical! I think we all struggle a lot more with the mental part. Finding excuses or reasons to NOT exercise, is second nature to some people. 

To try and figure out WHY it is so terribly hard to start that toning workout or light jog session, I want to list the ways to motivate your mind to actually do the exercise when push comes to shove. Call it a few tricks, call it tips, I don't mind WHAT we call it. But, I hope it inspires everyone to get active today!

Honestly, this blog is actually more of a guide to get you to find out why a TWO times a DAY workout spirit has left some of us to be a 2 times a month gymmer... What went wrong? Let's see if these three tips can help you get back to the ACTIVE lifestyle you're used to!

1. Find the exercise you WANT to do. 

It must be fun and exciting. It must bring out happiness between the sweat drops! If you are going to make it an awful punishment, chances are very slim that you will continue doing it. So come now, don't set yourself up for failure! If you would like to, get a buddy to pack on this adventure together! Then you can socialise WHILE working a good sweat up...

2. It is you against you. Pace yourself. 

To beat your own yesterday should be your goal. To feel the fitness improving week to week. That is what it is all about! To improve yourself, to challenge yourself! Surely any form of exercise can reach the level professional competitions, but for the purpose of this blog, it should be about yourself. This is also where we should listen to our bodies - if we feel like we can do another set, then great! If not, do NOT push beyond the level and hurt yourself! Nothing wrong with some healthy motivation for an extra rep, but know when that “extra” will lead to injury.

3. Make it a routine. 

Schedule it into your days... So then in a while, it becomes a HABIT. Perhaps then it can become something you cannot imagine your day without. So we start to get into it by scheduling it into our diaries - same as we would an appointment. Later, we feel weird when we skip it - and ask “wait, am I not supposed to be working out?” . By this point, your body will crave your workouts!
That is when taking those first exercise steps will be so easy… you won't realise you are taking those steps until you are already 1km into your morning run.

Enjoy the workout! Reap the benefits! To find out more about what to eat to FUEL YOUR TRAINING, click here!

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Regular exercise can help to boost your energy. For more diet tips and information regarding boosting your energy levels, read our blog post: Boost Your Energy! 

If you decided to start the workout, and go on an adventure (maybe a hike, cycling tour or whatever!) remember to fuel your ADVENTURE the right way... Read here for information on what to eat while backpacking/touring!

3 Tips to Start the Workout

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