Easy Homemade Yogurt

Serves 12  •  Time: 1 hour (excluding "thickening time")
Easy Homemade Yogurt


  • 2 litres low fat milk
  • 2 tablespoons leftover yogurt (You can use a previous homemade batch or any pre-made yogurt)
PLUS: Get some glass jars ready! 


            1. Pour the milk into a large pot. 
            2. Heat it up slowly over medium heat, for about 15 minutes.  NB: DO NOT LET IT BOIL RAPIDLY! This can cause the milk to "burn" which will not yield any yogurt successfully. 
            3. Let it cool off for about 30 minutes to reach "body temperature": If you stick your finger in, it shouldn't burn but it should just match your temperature: Around 38°C. 
            4. Once it's at "body temperature": Add the yogurt and stir it in gently. 
            5. Let it stand for about 12 - 16 hours at a constant warm temperature of about 40°C. I leave it on the stove in the pot, giving it some heat as required throughout the day. Beware not to let it cook or boil during this step as that would damage the yogurt formation.
            6. After about 12 hours, you will notice a thicker yogurt, plus a watery liquid in the pot. Carefully throw this liquid off.
            7. Decant your yogurt into big clean jars (or any container of your choice: Preferably glass containers) and put it in the refrigerator. It might also thicken slightly more once refrigerated.
            8. ENJOY!

            Marna's handy tips

            • Enjoy your own homemade yogurt as a snack or a delicious breakfast. Simply sprinkle over some nuts, seeds or berries.
            • Use it to make creamy salad dressings or top off your flapjacks with your very own, fresh yogurt!
            • You can also add it to smoothies with a range of fruits.
            Easy Homemade Yogurt
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