Time to DETOX... The RIGHT WAY!

Time to DETOX... The RIGHT WAY!
We have all experienced that very blue Monday after a weekend of feasts that jumped into your mouth (feeling that it has now jumped straight to your buttocks). Now, we are at the point where a cucumber-water-only diet sounds like the only solution. BUT, WAIT! That is not the solution. That might, in fact, lead to even worse over indulgence before the week is over! 

When you deprive your body of the balanced nutrients it requires, you end up being vulnerable and tired due to the lack of energy intake, feeling you just might attack the closest and nearest thing you see and eat triple the portion you usually would have eaten. So, logically, you end up eating more and worse foods… Impacting the way you feel and the numbers on the scale. That sounds like a no-no, right?

What now? How can we detox and feel “clean” again without feeling deprived and fatigued?

The current research indicates that one would want to eat foods to optimize the overall health which assists in the maintenance, protection and renewal of the body and its mechanisms. If these areas are all up to standard, your body can easily and successfully protect itself against various toxins. Toxins may originate internally due to natural mechanisms, continuously occurring, in the body like hormonal metabolism; or may be of external origin e.g. which we come in contact with through air, medications, food additives etc. Fix your diet AND lifestyle to make sure your body is equipped to quickly kick all these nasty toxins out of your body. 

So, what do we need? 

1. First up: A healthy, functioning LIVER.

he liver detoxification occurs in two phases – each involving a range of different enzymes and internal “fighters” . In phase one, the toxins will be attacked. Phase one will create certain end products that might be dangerous. That is where phase 2 comes in: It binds to the “possibly dangerous end-products” of phase one to eventually remove it from the body, or neutralize it to a non-harmful form. Some toxins can be destroyed by only phase 1, but it is still very important that both phases 1 and 2 are functioning well together to successfully detoxify the body of all harmful toxins.

2. A strong GUT!
Although most detoxification occurs in the liver – 75% of it – your gut is just as important as it provides the first-line defence. The foods we eat should thus empower our liver and gut to be strong and healthy. These foods should contain “phytochemicals” – a scientific word to say: special powers to promote health drastically. To protect and promote the gut barrier, one would also want to increase prebiotics (sauerkraut; kombucha tea) and probiotics (yoghurt).

3. Effective KIDNEYS!
Our kidneys have many important roles in the body. From blood pressure regulation to the activation of vitamin D. It truly is an organ with many talents! It also plays an essential part in our "detox" system. This is where our blood gets filtered to get rid of any excess waste procts, electrolytes and other substances. It helps to detoxify the body and eliminate various drugs and toxins. 

So what should you do and eat to detox the right way?

This list contains the easy "ingredients" to support your body in all the right ways to promote good detoxification. 
Time to DETOX... The RIGHT WAY!

To learn more, watch my summary video now!
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