Breakfast - How to Start Your day

Healthy breakfast - how to start your day
Breakfast. 9 letters. That first meal of the day after the long night's fast. That meal is so important! Yet, it's the one meal most people tend to neglect or even skip! "What should breakfast look like?" and, "Why should I even bother to eat it?" are questions people always ask. We will cover these questions and other topics regarding breakfast so you know exactly how to start your day! 

First things first: Why should we eat breakfast? 

Eating breakfast regularly forms the base of a healthy lifestyle. It is a part of regular eating patterns to make sure you stabilize your blood sugar levels. This allows for a whole cascade of benefits and physiological functions. Our bodies depend on us to supply it with fuel after you have fasted the whole night. You need to "BREAK" the "FAST" = BREAKFAST!

Here are just some of the benefits of eating breakfast regularly. 
  • It gives your metabolism a wake up call. Getting the whole system ready for the day to "burn" the food we eat so we can derive energy from it.
  • It brings your blood sugar within normal ranges to ultimately give you stable energy levels. This helps you to be able to go about your day and get through everything you need to do. Without breakfast, you might end up feeling fatigued and sluggish for the whole day. 
  • Breakfast and blood sugar can influence your eating and craving patterns! Breakfast helps to control cravings and influences you to have a more controlled intake rest of the day (not overindulging here!) purely because your blood sugar is happy! If we have a dip in blood sugar (like if we skip meals) our bodies develop cravings for high energy (like high sugar or high fat) food items to quickly kick-start the blood sugar levels back to normal. We then reach for the second chocolate bar or pack of chips... 
  • Concentration and focus can also be positively influenced if we eat breakfast. When we eat our breakfast, our brains get the required fuel to function optimally. This is also partly due to the blood sugar levels: If it is stable, our brains get a stable energy supply to pay attention to our work or task at hand. This is also a crucially important element of school[going children to be able to learn and absorb new study material. 

What makes a good breakfast?

At least one food group (COFFEE or TEA is not a food group!). So, if you are in a hurry and you don't have time, at least just grab a yogurt or fruit.  However, your breakfast should ideally be balanced: Including different food groups to keep you feeling fuller for longer and stabilize blood sugar levels. Granting you more energy, more focus, more controlled eating patterns and less cravings.

Include the following into your breakfast :
  • Whole grain or high fiber starch (Like oats, rye bread, low sugar muesli)
  • Protein (Like milk, yogurt, eggs, meats or fish)
  • Healthy fat (Like nuts, avocado, seeds, oily fish e.g. salmon)
  • Fruit (Like bananas, berries or any fruit you have available)
Plus always hydrate your body after the night's fast! 
  • Water: Hydration is required for energy, focus and concentration and a lot of bodily functions. 
Healthy breakfast - how to start your day

Healthy breakfast - how to start your day

Breakfast tips & ideas:

  • Oats, nuts and fruit with milk 
  • Smoothie: 1 fruit, yogurt and seeds
  • Egg on rye bread toast with avocado; with fruit on the side
  • Toast with peanut butter and fruit
  • Yogurt, granola with nuts and fruit 

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